Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love for the First Time

She fell in love with the man of her dreams, then grief tore them apart.

Maggie Murphy is passionate about three things—running, nursing, and Daniel Gregorio.

Maggie and Daniel grew up next door to each other in Paradise Falls, Idaho. They fell in love and got married, then settled in their hometown to build a life together. Maggie worked as a flight nurse, while Daniel started Adventure Docs, an emergency medical service. Life was good until Daniel’s brother returned from the military, suffering from PTSD.

Their fairytale marriage unravels when Daniel’s brother dies, and Daniel’s own PTSD symptoms intensify. No longer able to control his outbursts of anger, his only choice is to push Maggie away. But when Maggie goes hiking and doesn’t return, Daniel won’t let anything keep him from finding her.

Will Daniel and Maggie get a chance to rekindle their love or lose each other forever?

Kathy Coatney has spent long hours behind the lens of a camera, wading through rice paddies, dairies and orchards over her twenty plus years as a photojournalist specializing in agriculture. With her roots in agriculture running four generations deep, she felt a deep concern that children didn’t know how their food was produced. Envisioning a new direction for her writing, she launched From the Farm to the Table series of nonfiction children’s books about agriculture.

Kathy also loves—and writes—deeply emotional, small-town romances. She gets her inspiration from movies like While You Were Sleeping, Return To Me, a variety of music, and from her own happily-ever-after. Her favorite place to plot out novels is swinging in a hammock on a warm spring day. Ironically, her fiction books also carry an agriculture thread in them, some more than others.

Kathy’s favorite things: cuddling by the fire, ice cream, fresh-baked scones, mochas, and finding outdoor activities for every season, whether it’s swimming, skiing, mountain biking or a quiet stroll through the woods.

Happily married for over thirty-five years, she and her husband have two grown sons, a granddaughter and a menagerie of animals—a black lab who thinks she’s human, a house cat that looks part bobcat, and numerous wild animals that roam freely on her property.

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